NLA 2019/2020
Sat 02.11.19, 15:00 Hours | Centre Sportif des Cherpines, Genève

21 : 25

Last Minute Win by GC

After giving away a early Penalty in the first few minutes the GPLO leaves our half with 3 points. So did we as we get a penalty and Tom McPussy (as our Captain uses to say) converts easily. Shortly after a clear turnover by myself, we get penalised again by the French ref. GPLO takes this chance and started to lead 6-3. GC, who is putting a whole lot of pressure on Geneva’s defence, scores after a beautiful offload Sonny Bill style by big T to Jaschvili aka Mr. Shotgun. Tom converts.

Shortly after the halftime GC scores again with a good try by Jess our future Fed 1 Player after a sweet flick pass by our Number 9 Player Flo.

GPLO gets back into the game after scoring their first try of the match. 13-20. Sylvain’s brother Gaetan who clearly outplayed him in this game. Went for the first dropgoal try and converted it.


GPLO makes a try and decides afterwards to only practice some dropgoals for the rest of the game…

The kicks went everywhere but between the posts.

Jaschvili gets a massive cramp in the 75th minute and the French referee decided to give 1 minute of overtime, which was essential for GC to  get their last minute try in by Leo “the fastest person from Bern ever seen”, who finds himself in space and runs over Genevas tryline to secure GC’s spot in the top 3.

(Von: Andri Koeferli)