NLA 2019/2020
Sun 13.10.19, 15:30 Hours | Centre Sportif de Colovray, Nyon

29 : 12

Keen 1sts lose against Nyon

With all three teams playing away to Nyon, the day was set to be a cracker. The bus journey was fuelled by John’s awful chat (which will surely be missed) and by Tim realising that he left his packed lunch at home…

Arriving in sunny Nyon was a warm respite from the rain battering Zurich that week. The fact that the three teams were playing meant the GC boys could rest up and watch some of the World Cup rugby.

Team selection this week was difficult due to some key players being injured and some being away in Japan – however, given the strength and tenacity of Zurich, a strong team was taking to the field.

After watching super Japan smash the Scots (sorry, Robbie), Zurich were eager to get out and take the game to Nyon. A little too eager, in fact – as Captain Yannick managed to run into Sylvain ‘Model’ Hirsch and was forced to pull out of the game due to injury.

With Chris coming back into the starting 15, they were ready to go.

Zurich started with the ball and kicked long into the Nyon 22, which came right back into the Zurich half. These first 15 minutes proved a tough test for the GC boys as Nyon had them camped in their 22 with multiple scrums and lineouts.

After a strong defensive effort, Nyon scored in the corner from a lineout. Unfortunately, this left Zurich's tall German Chris on the floor, injured – and forced to go off for the rest of the game.

Losing two key forwards this early in the game meant that Zurich were going to be in for a tough day in the pack, which proved true. Ill-discipline meant that Zurich were again camped in their half. A very strong Nyon pack managed to drive the ball over the line from a 5-metre scrum which resulted in Nyon taking the lead 12-0.

After multiple phases in the middle of the park, Zurich started to implement their structure which was the key objective of the day. A strong run to the line by Sylvain Hirsch then released Jaydon Morgan down the side of the pitch, also overloading to our very own Michael Buble, Yannick Staubli, who fixed the fullback and gave an easy 10-metre run in for hooker Andri Koeferli. McMann converted the extras.

After getting back into the game, Zurich looked to continue adding pressure but things didn’t go according to plan. More ill-discipline resulted in Zurich defending for the rest of the first half, going in at half-time at 12-7 – which wasn’t bad for how little ball they’d had.

The second half began the same way the first had ended. Nyon found success by keeping the ball tight and in the forwards, resulting in further penalties and a couple of yellow cards for Zurich. Nyon managed to capitalise with the extra men and scored a couple of boring tries through their pick-and-go game.

A broken pass in play resulted in Sylvain Hirsch picking up the ball and going on a jinky run, scoring to make it 29-12. Conversion missed.

For the last 10 minutes or so, Nyon continued their predictable strategy – but failed to score on multiple occasions with great defence on Zurich’s try line. Little Leo was leading the way with aggression and tackling down the left side of the pitch.

With the match ending 29-12, Zurich are still to win in Nyon when Tim leaves his packed lunch at home. Thanks, Tim.

(Von: Tom McMann)