The Team

Grasshopper Club 2nd XV

The 2nd XV is naturally a training ground for aspiring 1st team players, and a support to the 1sts throughout the season. It also used to be an effective player in the Swiss B League, the first second team to have moved up to the B league and stayed up. This is a testament to the quality of player we have been able to attract and develop.

GC Zurich currently has two Mens Teams. The level of play in the 2nd XV isn't far off that of the 1st XV and many 2nd XV players will play for the 1st's during the course of the season.  Equally it is the natural starting point for experienced players wishing to join GC Zurich, however quickly they then move into the 1sts. 

Since the reorganisation of the Swiss rugby competitions in 2015, the 2nd and 1st team play their home and away games on the same day and thus travel together, which has brought the teams even closer together.

Our seconds has had a great team-spirit over the past years and their growing improvement has led to them being crowned Excellence A Champions in 16/17 and then Coupe FSR Champions in 17/18. The success of the team in recent years has proven to be a fantastic breeding ground for talented players and continues to be the perfect platform to make the step up into the 1st XV.