Spring Cows beat the Under 30's in Father Abrahams Cup 2018

The Father Abraham’s Cup is the club’s most prestigious trophy fought on an annual basis between the Spring Cows (Over 30’s) against the Young Lambs (Under 30’s). Last year was cemented in history with the Cows brought to the slaughter by a well-equipped Young Lambs side. This year , on the club’s 50th anniversary year, they were looking for revenge and taking the trophy back.

The Spring Cows certainly turned up with intent to take it back. Their numbers flocked in by the dozens either coming to watch or wanting to take part. If only the Young Lambs had the same amount of participants, with many sadly and shamefully staying away. After a loaning of 3 Spring Cows’ members to make up numbers, it would be a match of 12 Spring Cows against 10 Young Lambs. The 3 loanees of Dayron Campos, Rahel Bosshard and later Anthony Fitze did not look a day over 30, so to the unbeknownst they could’ve easily passed for Young Lambs!

The match started quickly and the Spring Cows looked the fitter team. Flashes of league and cup winning sides of former years were beginning to show with strong rucking, passing and running by the Cows. They were soon awarded with a try and certainly had the crowd on their side. Immediately after kick-off, debutant Spring Cow Paolo Panza ran towards the try line alone ready to score again for the team, but luck was on the Young Lamb’s side this time. Paolo, confused by earlier discussions of reduction in pitch width to aid the fitness levels of the Spring Cows, thought the try line was made shorter too. He placed the ball too short of the line and the try was disallowed. With the momentum the Young Lambs scored back through Dayron. The tables turned once more and the momentum quickly went to the other side of the field with the Old Boys scoring a quick-fire double to push the lead further. Before the end of the first half the Young Lambs got a try back in the corner thanks to super prop Udara Bawwa.

The second half was equally exciting with Simon Büsser from the Spring Cows making some massive tackles and punching over for a try. The Spring Cows pushed forward and looked to run away with it were it not for the Young Lambs’ super prop Udara to twice sprint down the wing and run over for points. The legitimacy of the try given Udara was sent to bin the play before was never questioned thankfully. Poor Udara, however, pulled a hamstring in the scoring process. Although the 27 year old has 3 more years to go before joining the Spring Cows, the rapidness of going from ‘Hero’ to ‘Zero’ is certainly one that epitomises the rugby life of a Spring Cow and he already sounds to make an adequate member in later years! The Spring Cows finally delivered the final blow with a crafty 9-10 combination bringing Andrea Bianchi over for a try and putting the win out of sight.

After another drinks break it was decided to play 10 minutes extra-time to see if the Young Lambs could pull something back. They couldn’t. Full-time. Spring Cows 31 - Young Lambs 20.

In an attempt to get back some dignity a boat race was suggested to proclaim the real winner. A wrong choice for the Young Lambs, as the Spring Cows convincingly smashed through their pints and took another win.

Overall it was a great day out and certainly a new story to write into the history books about this prestigious Cup. Thank you to everyone who came down on Sunday to watch and support both sides. Thanks to Ethan Glass for officiating, even though there were some questionably favourable decisions towards the Spring Cows… Thank you to all the Spring Cows and the Young Lambs who came down to play. It was great to see everyone bonding after the match, drinks-in-hand, discussing all things Zürich rugby.

We look forward to next year with another great matchup guaranteed.

Final Score:
Spring Cows 31 - Young Lambs 20

Try Scorers:

Spring Cows: Andrea Bianchi, Peter Cronin, Simon Büsser, James Pickering, Phil Kern

Young Lambs: Dayron Campos, Udara Bawwa x3




(Von: Tim Vögtli)