GC lose League Final to a strong Geneve PLO team

There was a slight optimism to defend the Excellence A league title against an unbeaten GPLO. The bus ride was sponsored by the calendar boys. We had supporters from 1st, 2nd and the Women’s team joining the players on Finals day. A full squad with the maximum number of subs meant that the 2nds should be confident to bring fresh legs on the pitch.

However this confidence was quickly crushed after Kick-off. GPLO scored a quick try after 3 minutes. A penalty opportunity by Tom McMann to close the 7-0 gap after 10 minutes was missed. After that the Swiss-French version of Blitzkrieg at the ruck was unleashed by GPLO. Resulting in quick turnover and full metal jacket pressure on the Zurich defense.  The first casualty of this heavy assault was in the front row as Tarjan had to be replaced after a scrum exploded and 2nd team players flew up in the air. On came our president to save the scrum. Many tackles were made but it wasn’t enough before the defensive wall cracked again.  Resulting in an unconverted try by Geneva after 20 minutes.  A slightly high tackle by “Dean” Martin Becart was punished with a yellow card and a penalty. A third try made the halftime score of 0-22 look quite miserable for Zurich. There had been a couple of half chances but a missed line-out in Geneva’s 22 meant that GPLO could keep a clean sheet.

The 2nd half 35 minutes in Nyon did not start well with another injury in the front row.  Josh had to be replaced by Cameron. It seemed that our opponent had the upper hand in every area of the game. Making it difficult to change tactics or create a winning game plan as a coach on the pitch. Although the GC Excellence Avengers fought hard and put in a solid performance it just wasn’t enough. Zurich attacked but GPLO scored 3 more tries on the break.  It seemed that GPLO aka Thanos had succeeded in getting all Six infinity tries. The scoreboard was 0-43 after 70 minutes of battles. It looked harsh after a long season but witnesses had to admit that GPLO was the best team of the  Excellence A on that sunny day in Nyon.  Congratulations to GPLO 1 and GPLO2 for winning both LNA and Excellence A. The only solace on the long journey home to Zurich was the absence of Anker beer.

Would there still be hope for the next battle?

Lineup: 1. Tarjan,2.Chris G,3. Schuepp,4.Ueli,5.Romain M.,6,.Claudio,7.Martin B.,8.Dayron,9.Oli,10. Alex R,11.Romain K.,12.Tom Mc.,13. Misch,14.Galdric,15.Calivin.

Subs: Henry,Cam,Josh,Yannick M,Germain, Fab G, Flo B, Chris S.

Officials: Alex,Fin,Tim and Nico

Scorers: Zurich zero points

(Von: Arnie Devine)