2nds climb to 4th after bonus point away win in Hermance

After the long bus ride of 4.5 hours we arrived at the nice pitch of Hermance.

We had enough time to walk the tired legs from the bus ride out, get changed and have a good warm up.

We started the game together as a team until German decided to crack Oli‘s nose with his head. But a real Indian knows no pain. So he played on.

We kept playing in their half and after a short time Coach Alex threw a perfect pass to Rico who just had to run straight through the gab and score the first try between the post. Tom McMann with his sniper feet just had to give the ball a slight touch to convert the try.After a mistake from Hermance Alex "picks his self" Ramon took a quick tap and passed it again to Rico who run it down to the tryline between the posts. And again Mr. McMann converted it easily.

After this massive start we did not have enough pressure to stay against the big fatties from Hermance and they scored a try. Short before this try they did a really nice crosskick which got smashed away from Alex the Vollyball-Guy. Lucky that the referee didn‘t see it.

We kept playing in their half and short before the halftime whistle Tom "I love to crack my fingers" gets the ball from Oli and pushed himself over the tryline.

Halftime 10:19 for Zurich

In the second half Hermance played on with their fatties but we stayed against them. 

Julian "fast feet" Visser took a run over the half field to get 1m in front of the tryline pushed into touch.

The Backline played two good lines, so our japaniese import Chris get clean balls to lay it down in the corner.

At the end of the Game we had huge pressure from the Hermane fatties, but we stayed against it and played to the end of the Game.

The referee blowed the whistle. End of the Game.

GC Zurich 2 went home with a victory and a bonus point!

Boys I‘m proud to be a part of this club!


3 Rico Hilpertshauser

2 Tom Pieth

1 Chris Strahm

Jaffa: Alex W

(Von: Rico Hilpertshauser)