Excellence A
Sun 06.05.18, 12:00 h | Allmend Brunau, Zürich

48 : 0

Solid win after slow start for seconds

After a strong win against LUC the Zurich Lions were looking to sink the teeth into the other Lausanne team travelling to Zurich. The teams were met by perfect rugby weather, slightly sunny but not to hot. A fired up Stade Lausanne present more of a challenge than we had anticipated. Still our defence was solid. But in Attack things weren’t going as well. With most of the Team suddenly thinking they were “Sonny Bill Williams” pointless even sometimes idiotic offloads were being thrown left and right. Even though Zurich was dominating we could not find the composure to complete the final phases to score a try. Zurich just couldn’t find their rhythm.
But thanks to a bit of individual brilliance (2 times) by our running back/flanker combo Dayron Zurich found themselves ahead at halftime 14:00.
In the second half Zurich cut down on errors and forced offloads, and it paid off. Slowly but surely Zurich toke control of the match. Quick and clean ball from the forwards allowed our veteran centre Flo to show that there is still some speed left in those old legs. He Scored and assisted in some very well worked tries. After a very strong performance by Julian a lazy high tackle, which nearly took the others guys head off, and the following yellow card tarnished what could have been a man of the match effort by the Winger turned flanker. But even with 14 men Zurich didn’t take their foot off the breaks. More tries followed and the game ended on a galloping run from our own potato boy Arnie who was able to offload and set up the final try of the game.

(Von: Henry Esterman)