Excellence A
Sat 11.11.17, 13:00 h | Stade des Servers, St. Genis

0 : 15

Seconds win away to Cern 2s

After the coldest game ever played last week we took the long journey to the Cern pitch in france.

After a quick warm up, we handed out the brand new shirts and were ready to play, fight and win on the field. 

As we were on the way to the pitch Ale D decided to follow his biggest idol Mister James Pickering and lost a slippery fight against the door. The cut in his leg put‘s him directly in hospital to fix it with 5 stitches.

After the loss of the captain. Henry stepped up to lead us into the fight.

From the first minute on we stuck to the gameplan and we kept playing in there half. 

The whole team stood togheter and played really nice setpices so it was no surprise that it took not that long for Marius to dance like a ballerina over the tryline. 

After a Penatly the smart coach Alex took quick tap and went on his own. After he made good meters he did a nice blind over head pass to Galdric, the french guy with the nice swiss cap. First he struggled to catch it, but he made it, catched it and went over the try line in the middle of the posts.

Halftime 0:10 for GC.

After a few changes we get back in the game. We still pushed forward, made our tackles but had a few struggels with the other 10&12.

After 20min in the second half Germain decided to put himself in nice position to recieve the ball out of the magic hand of Henry and run through at least 7 Cern guys to get the third try for GCZ.

After a short shock-moment, when the 14 from Cern took a 40m run trough 4 of our guys we came back. But it was to late for the bonuspoint. 

80mins and 3 trys the ref blew the whistle.

0:15 for GC. No bonuspoint, but a really nice game we had with the Seconds.

Specieal thanks to Henry&Cam. They both came back after a few weeks injury and played not only solid but also really good 80mins!

Jaffa Ale D

3 Points German

2 Points Samer

1 Points Galdric

Cheers Rico

(Von: Rico Hilpertshauser)