Sun 01.10.17, 11:30 h | Stade Colovray, Nyon

15 : 12

Wrong decisions and little aggression, Valkyries lose by 3 points

The sun raised up early on Saturday for the Valkyries. The team started the trip at 7 am to arrive at the pitch of the Entente Mermigans in Nyon. After the long journey, the concentration level was difficult to reach; the quick warm up didn’t help the players to arrive focused and determined at the kick off. 

Despite great weather conditions, the team didn’t benefit from playing the back line and opening the game, but preferred to play with the forwards for nearly all of the the first half. The opposition showed an excellent defence; indeed, a rapid and aggressive defensive line prevented the Valkyries from the quick game played last weekend. Although most of the first half has been played within the 22 of the Mermigans, many mistakes and wrong decisions impeded the Valkyries from earning rewards from all the effort made. The team was led offensively by Katja Dick, who scored the first try in the first half in a pick and go action. A great kick from Natalie Poisel brought the result to 7-0. However, it only took few minutes for the opposition to run through a gap straight into the try area, closing the first half with a score of 7-5. During the second half, the match was really intense, the forwards dominated scrums and contested well in line-outs giving the opposition a hard time. However, the Mermigans again found the try line . 

The Valkyries came back into the game in the second half, but the Mermigans defended excellently to keep them out for so long before conceding the first try to Rahel Bossard. The big effort and good team spirit was kept up until the end. However, the Mermigans scored again a few minutes the final whistle was blown, leading to the final score of 15-12. A lot of disappointment for all the players, despite being aware that the whole team is just starting to unlock its potential for this season and can't wait to keep raising the standard of rugby played.

(Von: Monica Iachizzi)