Valkyries brave the weather at development tournament in Bern

Despite a freezing cold, eight of our brave Valkyries made the trip to Bern for the last development tournament before the winter break.

Arrival at 10am in Bern under a light rain, we started with a quick warm-up to heat up this wintry atmosphere. Sprints, push-ups and sit-ups were at the rendezvous. After that, we moved to the workshops to allow the new players to improve their skills: one-on-one, tackling, passes ...

12h: finally the lunch break. We met in a room inside to get warm and dry and to enjoy a meal more or less hot. Thus, we were able to attack energetically the second half of the tournament.

Around 1 pm, 3 referees came to explain to us the rugby rules, the signs that the referees may make during the matches and their meanings. A Q&A session was proposed at the end. Thus, our new recruits could have more details about the gameplay.

At 2 pm, the 7's tournament started. Four teams were formed. Each team played 3 games on a half-pitch. The scrums were contested but no line-out.

At 16h, always under the rain, the tournament ended! Hot shower and we hit the road again to Zurich !

It was a magnificent tournament, despite the rain and the snow at the end of the day! A thunderous applause for one of our Valkyries Marlene who played her first tournament last Sunday!

(Von: Meriem Ben Miled)