Development Tournament in Würenlos


Training started at 9am on the pitch in Würenlos. We started the morning with a warm up with all the teams together. About 50 people attended the tournament. After getting to know each other in the rather easy-going warm-up in the sun, we practiced running some lines. The strategy of “loops” was introduced to us, and we focused on catching the ball with speed without dropping it. We then had an “injury prevention workshop”, which turned out to be more challenging than expected. It focused on balance and core strengthening as well as whole-body stability. After that, we did some wrestling-exercises followed by proper tackling exercises. The focus there was to tackle low and go in with the shoulder first. We then tried applying these skills by running lines against a defense with tackle bags. The goal was to not be touched by any of the tackling bags (4 defenders in total, always 4 attackers vs one defender at a time).                                                                                    


The lunch break was very enjoyable and relaxing. We ate and laughed together while listening to music. After eating, we enjoyed the sun together.


The tournament started at 12.45 and ended at about 4 o’clock. Our team, the Zurich Valkyries, played on our own, as did Konstanz. We played 7’s on quarters of the pitch. The first game went rather well, but we noticed that our defense was lacking communication and hence organization. We focused on our defense in the next games and were very satisfied with our improvement at the end of the day. Some of our players helped out Winterthur, which was interesting since their strategy is quite different from ours. We are especially proud of the Newbies in our team, who did a great job in their first game situations. The team spirit was strong and positive throughout the whole day, getting us closer together as a team - and as friends!

(Von: Simi Haymoz)