GC Rugby Shop

Bank details for merchandise

Please use the following account details when you buy merchandise from the shop (this is a different account from the one you use for your membership fees):

Credit Suisse
Postfach 4870
CH-8070 Zürich
Clearing number: 4835
Account number: 650176-00-4
IBAN#: CH77 0483 5065 0176 0000 4

Name of Account:

GC Rugby
c/o Dietmar Wettach
Farlifangstrasse 22
8126 Zumikon

We carry only a limited amount of items in our shop. Please refer to the attached PDF to see an overview.

Most items which you will need to play with us, such as shorts and socks or also club ties can be bought at training, at our homegames or by contacting us at merchandise[at]